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true stories and inspiration from creative women challenging the status quo

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Black Lives Matter

Honoring Diversity, Wisdom, and Inspiration

Jul 08 2020

A Conversation with Sarah Thorton

Dr. Sarah Thornton, a writer and sociologist of art, talks about what makes an artist an artist, their role in society, and their need to be active agents of their own career.

season 2 episode 8
Mar 31 2020

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"don’t be afraid of exposure"

A Conversation with Asma Naeem 


Dr. Asma Naeem, Chief Curator for the Baltimore Museum of Art, discusses women and gender fluidity representation in the BMA 2020 Vision initiative.

season 2 episode 7
Apr 21 2020

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“we are part of a historic moment"

A Conversation with Maïa Mazaurette

Artist and sexpert Maïa Mazaurette shares her perspective on appreciating the male body and challenging popular culture’s “sex machinery”

season 2 episode 6
Mar 31 2020
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“What is masculine? What is beautiful for a man?”

A Conversation with Viktoria Binschtok


Artist Viktoria Binschtok shares her artistic process and thoughts on how we communicate through images in a digital age.

season 2 episode 5
Jan 28 2020

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it’s an abstraction on this visual culture” "it’s more about visual data,

Black Lives Matter

Jul 8 2020

Honoring Diversity, Wisdom, and Inspiration

Dear friends,

When I launched Raw and Radical, my goal was to challenge the status quo—creating conversation around new ideas, what is possible for us to accomplish, and working toward social justice and equity for underrepresented individuals. Although Raw and Radical primarily focuses on the challenges that artistic and creative women face, I stand with all movements that stem from love and a desire for evolution, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

Today I would like to honour that movement by elevating the words and creative work of three outstanding women that I have had the privilege of interviewing for the On Display podcast: Delphine Diallo, Tony Blackman, and Rahima Gambo. During our conversations, these women offered a tremendous amount of insight, wisdom, inspiration, and a glimpse into their life experiences.

Delphine Diallo

is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer, focused on exploring women’s relationships with their innate, transformative feminine power. Through her provocative visuals, Diallo seeks to combine artistry with activism, empowering women, youth, and cultural minorities.

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Toni Blackman

a highly respected artist and social entrepreneur, is the first Hip Hop artist selected to work as a Cultural Ambassador with the US Department of State. This visionary artist leads freestyle masterclasses, rap cyphers, has developed innovative approaches to using the cypher as a concept for community building, leadership development, and healing, and is a Visiting Scholar with NYU's MusEd Lab and the creator of Freestyle Union Cypher Workshop and Rhyme Like A Girl.

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Rahima Gambo

is a Nigerian photographer and artist whose work focuses on a range of everyday to social issues and looks critically at notions of documentary storytelling. Gambo uses her work to ponder on her environment, identity, history, memory, freedom, escape, healing, and the spaces in between these things.

︎︎︎ Listen to Rahima’s conversarsation on Apple Podcasts

I hope that these podcasts will inspire you and will open the door to new possibilities for everyone.

Dream and shine on,



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